Keeping it Essential: the Products Every Professional Needs in Stock

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Keeping it Essential: the Products Every Professional Needs in Stock

28 August 2017
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

Whether you're just starting out or looking to streamline your supply box, you'll know that it's easy for any professional hairdresser's collection to get out of hand.  There are so many different products on the market that you could fill warehouses with shampoos, balms, hair masks and treatments, and you'd still feel tempted by a couple of pages in the catalogue!  However, all products have shelf-lives, and overstocking is never the best way to run your business.  As such, you should focus on keeping in stock only your select personal favourites, and a set of essentials.  Beyond the obvious shampoo, and styling products, here are what hairdressing supplies belong in your barebones kit.

Heat Protection Spray

If you're going to be styling a client's hair with heated tools, protecting it beforehand is an absolute must.  In special cases - such as weddings - you may even wish to use heat protection spray before blow-drying.  It's simply not a step you'd ever wish to skip if you aim to keep your clients' hair as healthy as possible... which hopefully is your aim!  Whichever brand works best for you, be sure to always have some - and a backup - in stock.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

You never know what will walk through your door - or, indeed, what you'll walk into if you're making home visits.  Your client may have asked for a serious dark-to-light lift and assured you that their hair was in reasonable condition over the phone, but when you get there it may be a different story.  Even if your client's hair is healthy to begin with, it may need serious TLC once you've finished putting it through the relative hell of professional products.  Besides, giving your client's hair a little hydration and luxury will ensure they walk away feeling pampered, knowing that they have gotten good value for money.  It's a win-win!

Tangle Removal Cream

Again, you never know what you'll be faced with as a stylist.  If you're forced to deal with serious matting or tangles, you should have the best possible resources on hand to approach that problem.  After all, trying to de-tangle highly problematic hair without the assistance of a product isn't fun for you or your client.  Hopefully, it's not something you'll use often, but you'll be grateful to have it at the ready when you do.

Again, you're bound to have your own favourites and must-haves to fill in the gaps - but these basics are a good place to start.  They target problems you could encounter with any client at any time - and those are exactly what you should be preparing for.