3 great beauty treatments to get in a prenatal beauty spa day

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3 great beauty treatments to get in a prenatal beauty spa day

25 August 2017
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If you are about to have a baby you may have been gifted a lovely voucher to a beauty salon for some treatments. It's a great way to relax and unwind before the baby comes and you have less time to get to the salon. Here are some salon treatments that many pregnant mummies enjoy. 

A pedicure

Many women find it lovely to get a nice foot rub at the end of their pregnancy as it can be very hard on the feet carrying the extra weight of pregnancy. It can also be hard to see and/or read the toes to paint them so it can be nice to have a pedicure and have them all moisturised and repainted before you head into have the baby. Be sure to let the therapists know that you are pregnant so that they can use products that are safe for pregnant women. 

A massage

While not strictly a beauty treatment, most salons also offer massage as people tend to look and feel better after a massage. It can be a great way to relax and release any tense muscles so that you can sleep well and enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy. If you are finding that your skin is extra sensitive when you are pregnant it can be worth asking your therapist to use a natural, neutral type of oil such as an almond oil to keep you moisturised and soft in any areas you are finding hard to reach. 

A facial

It can also be nice to have a facial, particularly if you are finding that the hormonal changes with pregnancy have playing havoc with the texture of your skin. Whilst some people get a lovely pregnancy glow about the face, others find that the hormones can lead to breakouts or itchy red skin which cam make the mum-to-be feel less than appealing. When you book your facial be sure to let the therapist know any changes you have noticed on your skin as well as any sensitivities so that they can select a range of products that can help you to look your best. 

If you are pregnant, why not take the opportunity to have a lovely pamper session before you have the baby. It can be a relaxing way to get some of the changes in your body caused by your pregnancy to be treated and help you to enjoy your pregnancy.