How to Choose the Right Cosmetics and Skincare Products For You

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How to Choose the Right Cosmetics and Skincare Products For You

18 August 2017
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The cosmetics and skincare products you choose for everyday use are very important, as those products are not all alike, and not all of them will work equally for each person's individual skin. Investing a few dollars in a high-quality brand or in a product that is better for your skin and your needs in particular, can mean less irritation, better coverage and even healthier skin. Since there are so many different skincare and cosmetics brands and products on the shelves, note a few details to consider, so you know you get the best choice for you.

Know your skin

Products that are meant for sensitive skin, dry skin, aging skin, and for people who are prone to breakouts will all be different, which is why you need to consider your own skin before shopping. Does your skin often feel dry and itchy, or do cosmetics tend to make your skin sting a little? Then you need products specifically for dry or sensitive skin. If you're of a particular age, you want products for aging skin, as these may include more moisturizers; these cosmetics may also be made with gels and other additives that keep them from sinking into wrinkles and creases. Always choose products meant for your skin type in particular, rather than thinking they're all alike.


When it comes to skincare products, look for those that are backed by clinical trials. This will ensure that those products have been tested and will perform as expected. Many supermarket or mass market brands don't have clinical trials backing them, and they may only be mixed and manufactured with common skincare ingredients. This means that their results may be hit-or-miss, at best, and you may be disappointed with their overall effectiveness.

Social consciousness

You may not associate cosmetics and skincare products with social consciousness, but consider that many such companies perform testing on animals before their products are released. You may want to research which companies do not perform such tests, if you're concerned about animal welfare.

Also, buying organic products and those with only all-natural ingredients will mean that harsh chemicals won't wind up in freshwater supplies and in the soil. The packaging used by cosmetics can also wind up as waste in landfills, so note the way a product is packaged; glass bottles can be more eco-friendly than plastic, for example. Check, too, if the box in which something is packaged and shipped is made from recyclable materials and whether it can also be recycled itself.

Contact a skincare manufacturer to learn more.