2 Contemporary Courses That Will Help Your Beauty Business Thrive

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2 Contemporary Courses That Will Help Your Beauty Business Thrive

14 August 2017
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A career in beauty therapy is a popular choice for many people. It's a growing industry which provides you with a variety of employment options, including the option to have your own beauty therapy business in a salon, as a mobile technician or in a home-based salon. If you've been in the beauty industry for some time, then you may want to update or expand your skills to increase the services you offer for your clients. Here are two services that are fairly new in the beauty world but are very popular for modern clients.

1. Eyelash extension application

Current fashions in makeup are all about the eyes. Luscious long lashes are a big part of this look and this has seen an increase in demand for semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The lash extensions are applied to the client's existing lashes using a non-toxic adhesive to provide secure and natural looking lashes that will last for several months.

Applying lash extensions is a fairly intricate and specialised skill. There are also important health and safety guidelines that need to be followed to ensure that your client's eyes aren't damaged in any way during the application process. A short course at a certified beauty school will give you the academic knowledge, practical skills and safety training necessary to perform this service in a professional and competent way.

2. Intense pulsed light and laser

Intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser therapies are fast becoming a popular service in beauty salons. They are used for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and treatment of broken capillaries and spider veins. It's a highly specialised treatment, which involves a high level of skill and training.

A course in IPL and laser therapy will involve several units which will cover both practical skills and health, safety and hygiene training. It will also give you the ability to design a treatment plan for your clients. This type of course is more extensive and will cost more than a  general beauty course. However, the accreditation will give you the opportunity to introduce a highly lucrative service into your business.

Adding new and popular services to your repertoire is an important part of keeping your beauty business profitable and relevant in a competitive industry. Contact a professional at a local beauty academy, such as Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College, to discuss enrolling in these two training courses or others that you think offer important skills that will enhance and expand your client base.